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Korean Week  | Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Contestants, Judges, and Organisers celebrate a successful event.

We were proud be a part of the Korean Week celebrations hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to New Zealand in partnership with the Wellington City Council. 2023’s Korean Week was the 7th year running and has become one of the cities popular annual events. There was a wide range of cultural experiences throughout the city with the K-Cooking Contest held here in our Wellington Campus.

Alumnus Dongjin Kwak translating from Korean to English during the demonstration of Japchae.

Citizens were welcomed through our doors to experience true Korean cuisine thanks to our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. Guest witnessed chefs expertly cook before them and were motivated to not just taste traditional dishes, but to learn the stories behind them and cultivate a deeper appreciation. The K-Cooking Contest pitted 5 finalists against each other and was judged by a panel featuring our Technical Director, chef Sebastien Lambert.


Our Alumnus Ridchard Nixon (left), 2020 graduate of our Bachelor of Culinary Art’s and Business, awarded 2nd place by Gernal Manager Jenny Jenkins (right)

A quiz and voting on favourite dishes further encouraged participants to reflect and process the new tastes, smells, and knowledge offered to them. This year’s event was another great success and continues to grow wider appreciation of Korean culture. It was a joy to be involved in such an interactive celebration of cuisine and heritage.

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