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Korean Kimjang Festival with the 15th district’s Town Hall

November 2017 - During this Parisian event, 25 students from Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute made kimchi, following the advice of Kim Soon Ja, Master Chef and kimchi Ambassador around the globe, who came especially from Korea to take part.

What is kimchi?

Kimchi is one of Korea's oldest and most representative foods, it is a natural food rich in flavor and nutritional value.  The real health secret of kimchi lies in its lactic acid fermentation and contains four times more lacto-bacillus than yogurt.  Originally, the process was a method of conservation permitting storage of vegetables during winter.  Over the centuries it has evolved to include a variety of ingredients such as Chinese cabbage, white radishes, chili peppers, pickled seafood plus other seasonings and spices. Today, there are approximately 187 different varieties of kimchi with a range of tastes from spicy to sweet and salty.

Photo credits: francezone.com