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Keigo Tamura kyo-ryori Masterclass

Chef Keigo Tamura recently visited Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand all the way from Japan to host the Kyo-ryori Masterclass during the Wellington On A Plate culinary festival.

Keigo Tamura is the eldest son to the owners of Manshige, a highly respected restaurant specialising in Kyo-ryori (Kyoto cuisine) established in 1937. Keigo helped in the family business from a young age and after training and honing his skills in a variety of different locations, he took over Manshige, which has been patronised by the likes of the King of Sweden, Carl Gustav XVI.

Considered the height of Japanese cuisine, Kyo-ryori has a history stretching back hundreds of years with roots in elegant imperial palace culinary preparation and the famed local cooking of Kyoto.

The Manshige restaurant strives for cuisine that is delicious, original and honours the spirit of the Noren (traditional Japanese fabric dividers) by presenting cuisine that suits the personal tastes of each and every guest. Dishes are created with an emphasis on passing seasons, local and seasonal ingredients, making each Kyo-ryori meal an once-in-a-lifetime experience.