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Interview with Alexandre Viron, CEO at Moulins Viron

Alexandre Viron

Can you describe working on the MUSE concept with the students?

It all began when we booked our EUROPAIN stand. The project, which was originally called “Boulangerie of the Future”, and would give Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute students the opportunity to work on a project to envisage how boulangeries might evolve in years to come, really grabbed our attention. We decided to become an official partner, supplying flour. We were also members of the jury which chose the most feasible student project: the MUSE project. We work on a daily basis with our boulangerie chef advisors, especially on the co-creation of the products on offer with Le Cordon Bleu Paris Institute’s boulangerie programme Chef Instructors. The other projects in the running were also interesting in terms of products, services, merchandising and payment. It is always fascinating to see the vision of youngsters in the field and particularly people from abroad!

What are the 2020 bread trends? Organic, gluten free, seeded etc?

Consumers clearly want to be informed about nutritional information when buying: they want to purchase food which has a short ingredient list, “healthy” products and, of course, is chemical free. They are much more concerned about the origin of the raw materials used to make the products which they consume on a daily basis. Where do the products come from? How are they transported? How are they processed? We are truly experiencing a “dip in consumption”: eating less but better. We are on the path towards intelligent consumption. It is our role to work hand in hand with our boulangerie chef partners in this quest for excellence.

Which are the most popular flours in France? Abroad?

The popularity of the French tradition “tradition française” baguette, whether in France or abroad, is unrivalled. Also increasingly fashionable are large loaves, made using stone ground flour, which are ideal for sharing. This is really a case of giving the customer what they want. Abroad, we can see a return to grass roots, with quality, natural and artisanal products ever more in demand. The desire for a healthy diet is also clear to see around the globe, with increased consumption of wholemeal and organic flour.

What does being a miller mean in 2020?

Being a miller in 2020 is being capable of adapting to the needs of boulangerie chef partners and consumers. The “healthy eating” trend is so prevalent today that there is an absolute necessity to provide our customers with the best possible product so that they, in turn, can sell the best possible bread. We provide guarantees. A miller is in charge of the cereal stores and is responsible for choosing, buying and creating different blends in order to produce the best quality flour possible. That is why, for in excess of 30 years, we have chosen to work in this way with cereal producers in our regions. Our commitment can be seen at every stage of our business and is not limited to a few selected products. Today, we are perfectly capable of addressing any issues by providing additive and improver free flours, which are made from 100% French wheat, without the use of storage insecticides.

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