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Culinary Festival 2016 in Indonesia

12-13 March 2016
Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Festival

The upcoming culinary festival is organised by Le Cordon Bleu in partnership with Sun Education to provide more information to the high school teacher counsellors in regards to the hospitality and culinary industry.

As the main contact for students in the school, teacher counsellors work to guide the student in finding the most suitable career option based on their passion, personality and characteristics. In complimentary, teachers also need to know about the industry itself before counselling their students. Thus, the seminar is arranged as opportunities for the teachers to obtain the required information.

Following the event, there will be a pop up dinner prepared by Le Cordon Bleu Chef Instructor and alumni.

Culinary Demonstration & Workshops

Sharing session with Le Cordon Bleu alumni and hospitality professionals, including Chef Sylvain Dubreau, Sandra Djohan, Rinrin Marinka and Steven Khoe.

9:00am - 6:00pm
MODENA Experience Centre

Contact Details

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Tel: +62811 900 421

Harris Gunawan
Business Development Officer
Tel:+62811 1105 268

Email: indonesiaHub@cordonbleu.edu

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