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60th Anniversary of China-France Diplomatic Relations celebrated at Le Cordon Bleu Paris with two gala dinners

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Chinese and French culinary technique and skills brought together over two soirees to celebrate French and Chinese gastronomy and culture at Le Cordon Bleu institute.

18.04.2024 - In France the "Culinary Expressions of China: A World Journey - 2024 Paris Encounter" cultural programme concluded successfully at Le Cordon Bleu Paris campus with two gala dinners. The first, held on the 18th April, united government officials and diplomats, and the second on the 19th April gathered arts and culture representatives. For this occasion, Chinese cuisine and the classic culture of Shanghai cultural heritage shone brightly in Paris demonstrated by the skills and techniques of both Chinese masters and Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs for an exceptional East meets West evening. Located in the heart of the French capital alongside the river Seine, Le Cordon Bleu institute is just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower in the 15th arrondissement.

Le Cordon Bleu was honoured to participate in this celebration to present Chinese cuisine, bringing together Chinese and French savoir-faire and artistry. The menu (see attached) jointly created by Chinese chefs and Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs, showcased the integration and exchange between Eastern and Western cultures. The two gala dinners also fully illustrated the inheritance of Chinese culture while Shanghai artists from various fields vividly demonstrated the spirit of continuous innovation in the inheritance of Chinese culture, with their performance of "integrating literature into food and emotions into scenery."

Le Cordon Bleu has been present in China since 2015 with a splendid school in Shanghai, training over 500 students each year. The ties with China date as far back as 1995, when Le Cordon Bleu Paris welcomed its first Chinese student to train outside of China. Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai are both located by the rivers of world capitals of gastronomy and are proud to promote the coming together of Western and Eastern knowledge, skills, techniques, ingredients and flavours. Le Cordon Bleu institutes, which can be found in every corner of the globe, teach French culinary techniques as a means to provide students with the tools to highlight their own country’s culinary heritage at the highest level. In this, Le Cordon Bleu is proud to promote Chinese Gastronomy at its institutes, which is part of its commitment to the Cuisines of the World.

The two soirees presented a fusion of history, academia, art, and aesthetics in a feast of intangible cultural heritage cuisine and culture to diplomatic representatives of China, Parisian dignitaries including Marc Cerdan (secretaire Générale de la Fondation of Alliance Française) and Jacques Gravereau (President and founder of Eurasia Think Tank HEC ) and Bruneau Cordeau (Administrateur of the Hôtel de la Marine) who shared a few words with the assembly, but also artists, and local mainstream media.

Mr. André Cointreau, President of Le Cordon Bleu International, said at the opening ceremony,

Both China and France are renowned for their rich culinary traditions and profound cultural heritage. Le Cordon Bleu has always been committed to preserving the authenticity of cuisine while embracing diversity and innovation, respecting local traditions while having a global perspective. Within our programmes, French culinary techniques are at the service of local flavours and ingredients of the world. The strong ties between Shanghai and Paris, China and France, fosters a platform for diverse international dialogue and promoting cultural exchange. Celebrating together the 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations tonight, we are proud to honour refinement at its peak.

Le Cordon Bleu is the Leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management institutes, present in over 20 countries with over 35 institutes in the world. Le Cordon Bleu is present in Shanghai since 2015 and next year celebrate 10 years in China and 130 years of excellence in education. Le Cordon Bleu's mission is to promote gastronomy throughout the world by offering excellent training. Le Cordon Bleu proposes globally acclaimed training courses, from certificates to MBA, and partners with leading establishments and universities to offer programmes covering all careers in the culinary arts, hospitality and gastronomy sector. Soon Le Cordon Bleu will propose a Chinese Cuisine culinary programme.

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