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France Alumni Day: Le Cordon Bleu Paris celebrates its alumni

France Alumni Day

"France Alumni Day" will take place from 13 to 28 May 2023 at the initiative of Campus France. Two weeks of events are organized around the world to celebrate the international student experience in France. On this occasion, Le Cordon Bleu Paris celebrate the outstanding achievements of its alumni.

Each year, the Le Cordon Bleu network of institutes trains 20,000 students in 30 institutes in 20 countries. In Paris, more than 1,000 students from 100 nationalities graduate each year. For this first edition, several graduates from different backgrounds spoke about their experience as foreign students in France. Leaving one's family, learning a new language, meeting new people, working in a country other than one's own, are some of the issues they had to deal with. All of them managed to adapt, to blossom and to live an unforgettable experience.

Renata Portasio, Brazil, Grand Diplôme® 2006
"My biggest challenge, even though I'm Brazilian, Latin, was speaking French. During the first 6 months we spent the whole day at the institute and only speaking English but thanks to the Intership Pathway program and help from the entire Le Cordon Bleu team from the maintenance staff, Chefs Instructors I learned the basis to be able to leave the institute and start my new adventure of internship!"

Laurel Kratochvila, USA, Diplôme de Boulangerie 2018

"I guess I would say that boulangerie made me a Francophile! I have such a deep appreciation and understanding of French bread culture now. I made friends and professional connections that I’ve maintained to this day. My bakery skill set and professional network continues to grow."

Mario Oswin, Indonesia, Diplôme de Cuisine with Internship Pathway 2021

"Being the only Indonesian and youngest one really sets me apart from the rest of the pack. However, I was privileged enough to be guided by these 2 amazing chefs who gave me a revolutionary culinary mindset."

Sheila Struyck, Pays-Bas, Diplôme de Cuisine 2020

"This is at Septime – a one star Michelin restaurant with álso a green star- right after my graduation culinary arts. During my training at Le Cordon Bleu, the very best restaurants, producers and markets were a source of inspiration and delight. Paris is a treasure trove of culinary excellence in all niches and directions, and I found mine: sustainable gastronomy. Basically, my culinary ‘career’ of working as a plantforward chef and visiting top chefs as a foodjournalist started right here at this bench!"
Erin Pace, USA, Wine and Management Diploma 2021

"France really pushed me out of my confit zone and made me to grow so much as a person. I not only learned about wine there but about the food, the language, the history and the overall culture. Sure, you can read about these things or gain this knowledge without moving there but pushing yourself to live the experience is what makes you grow. I did that when coming to Paris."

Sahar Ghavidel, Iran, Diplôme de Pâtisserie with Internship Pathway and Diplôme de Boulangerie, 2022

"One of my favorite palce in France having my coffee by the Pyramid view it’s amazing. Honestly staying at Le Cordon Bleu and living in paris has changed totally my life. Now I’m the person how has released alla her dream and I’m trying to have more culinary experience in Paris."

Thea Engvik, Norway, Grand Diplôme® 2018

"For me Le Cordon Bleu Paris was a life changing experience. I surrounded myself with peers who shared my passion for cooking and got to learn from world-class chefs."

Hamza El Omari, Morocco, Diplôme de Pâtisserie 2019

"What i remember the most, and i can never forget, is trying pastries with my friends every where in Paris, looking for inspiration while enjoying the moment at the same time."