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restaurant manager sitting at a table of his establishmentLe Cordon Bleu Australia offers a range of bachelor's and master's degrees, including a Master of International Hospitality Managemet (MIHM) in partnership with the University of South Australia. We caught up with course coordinator Dr Hazreel Hasmi and discoverd how the MIHM can fast-track your hospitality management career.

Tell us about your role as the MIHM course coordinator?

I am responsible for overseeing the administration and quality assurance of LCBA’s master’s programs, as well as teaching some of the master’s subjects. Some of the coordinator duties include course planning, design, development and delivery, selection of educational resources, assessment of students’ learning outcomes, course evaluation and moderation. I also work closely with the lecturers, monitor applications, offers and enrolment numbers of MIHM students, oversee the administration of student progress, and lots more.

What is one of the unique things about Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s MIHM program?

I think what really sets us apart is our work placement/practical element. Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and hospitality industry experience allow students to gain work experience which further develops and improves their skills and knowledge from key players in the industry.

Where have past students done their placement and why is this such an important part of their studies?

Master’s students mostly undergo their work placement in well-established hotels and resorts, either in Adelaide or other cities nationwide. Work experience placements assist students in their transition from learning to working and aim to provide students with an opportunity to relate studies and/or theoretical elements with a workplace. It also gives students an insight into the diversity of employees and/or cultures in the workplace. Work placement also prepares students for the demands and expectations of the real working world. Placement experience teaches students about industry standards and make them more employable. Students get a fair idea of the job market that they will be a part of, and also, as newbies, it is very important to have a basic knowledge of the do's and don'ts in the hospitality world.

MIHM prepares students for a range of roles such as general manager, business development manager, rooms division manager, HR manager and many more. The options are truly endless.

What are some of the subjects taught and how do they prepare students for the industry?

There are a range of subjects which form the MIHM program, including Hospitality Industry Experience, Service Quality Management and Managing Hospitality in the International Context. Most of the MIHM subjects prepare students to secure careers in senior management positions within the hospitality industry. Some of the key skills these subjects focus on are leadership and managing people, finance, risk management, sales and marketing, research and business development, and quality assurance.

What are some of the job outcomes after completion of the MIHM program?

MIHM prepares students for a range of roles such as general manager, business development manager, rooms division manager, HR manager and many more. The options are truly endless.

Why should students study a master’s degree with Le Cordon Bleu Australia?

Le Cordon Bleu is a well-established international brand in hospitality education. Our alumni can be easily spotted either running a business or working in some outstanding organisations within the industry worldwide. This shows that we are capable of producing employable graduates, well-equipped with entrepreneurial values.

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