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Learn to bake breads with
Le Cordon Bleu’s new book
L’École de la Boulangerie

Le Cordon Bleu, the leading global network of culinary arts and hospitality management institutes, is launching a new book with French publisher Larousse dedicated to making quality bread and viennoiseries (freshly baked pastries) at home.  From French “tradition" baguette, spelt bread with leaven, bagels, small milk breads, croissant, Parisian brioche, vanilla flan, Three King’s cake, ... Discover 80 traditional to regional and international bread recipes, as well as viennoiseries and pastry recipes.


Learn how to knead, shape or roll breads and bake them successfully thanks to the techniques of Le Cordon Bleu boulangerie Chefs. With 280 step-by-step photographs, bread and viennoiserie will no longer be a secret!

For those who want to go one step further, learn how to prepare leavens to make quality aromatic breads.


For the time being (or currently), this book is only available in French and can be found from October 13, 2021 in French, Swiss, Belgian and Canadian bookstores.  Watch this space for translations in your language.