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Graduation ceremony of Diplôme CordonTec from Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro, the world's first class!

Proudly, Le Cordon Bleu has just graduated the first Diplôme CordonTec STUDENTS !

On September 10th of 2018, the first class of the Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro Diploma Cordontec began. A professional diploma, exclusive for Brazil, designed for students to explore all areas of gastronomy as well as experiencing an integrated internship at the Institute's café and restaurant. Our brave students embarked on this diploma, with 800 hours over a whole year, an intense journey!

Our first class was a mix of profiles, such as entrepreneurs from Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, teachers, nurses, mothers, fathers and executives, who, together, joined Le Cordon Bleu family.

Our students discovered their passions after exploring all areas of gastronomy: Cuisine, Pâtisserie, Boulangerie and Services! And on August 2nd 2019, we celebrated this achievement with a cocktail at the Institute with the students and their families. The ceremony was marked by speeches by the chefs, students and our director Sofia Mesquita, an unforgettable night! Diplôme CordonTec's first class in the world, first of many!

Our congratulations to:

Amanda Morais
Bernardo Thees
Camila Santos
Claudia dalle Piagge
Danielle Santos
Danilo Santana
Dennis Junior
Evelyn Raposo
Fernanda Loureiro
João Luis Bastos
Karla Souto
Liége Fuentes
Maria Bethânia Leal
Millena Sá
Phelipe Ferreira
Priscila Araujo
Thaynara Lobo

We wish you a great career ahead!