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Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo launches a new Brazilian Cuisine Diploma

The Brazilian Cuisine Diploma will be a course divided into three modules and it covers the history, techniques, products and the country's regionalities.Le Cordon Bleu, one of the largest network of culinary arts and hospitality Management institutes in the world, is launching a new programme dedicated to Brazilian gastronomy next May. The history, ingredients and recipe of the local cuisine will guide the application of the techniques and methodology that are trademarks of the school - now present in 20 countries. Registration is now open.

“Le Cordon Bleu is inspired by the Brazilian gastronomy. Now we take one step further to make its local cuisine shine and gain international recognition. The preparation of the curriculum for this programme follows the international standards of the institute, and we believe it has a bright future ahead”, explains Patrick Martin, director of Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo. 

For people who are passionate about national gastronomy or those who want to make Brazilian cuisine the concept of their business, they will be able to specialize in 360 hours divided into three modules of the Brazilian Cuisine Diploma: basic - with history, presentation of ingredients through cooking techniques and cuts; intermediate - tour of the different Brazilian regions and its typical preparations; and superior - elaboration of recipes with an authorial touch that mixes both Brazilian cuisine with international influences.

Students will meet with top chefs in the market, chosen for their specialization and expertise with regional products, sustainability, working with small producers and the search for the Brazilian gastronomic identity. To name but a few, students will be meeting with Rodrigo Oliveira, Janaína Rueda and Heloisa Bacellar. 

After  the enrollment, the student will receive all the  required material for the classes, like a knife kit and apron, besides having high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art infrastructure for the learning process. All classes will have a maximum of 16 students, a standard that Le Cordon Bleu-SP has established so the teachers can closely monitor the evolution of the apprentices. To advance to Intermediate and Higher levels, students must pass the Basic level.

To register, click here or contact us by phone: 11 31852500. If you prefer our contact email is preboucas@cordonbleu.edu

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