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Le Cordon Bleu Madrid became the setting for Gastroactitud's summer university course

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid became the setting for Gastroactitud's summer university course

During June 24th and 25th, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid hosted the summer university course "CON LAS MANOS EN LA MASA", dedicated entirely to pastry and restaurant display cases, and bakery.

The course featured professionals of the stature of Paco Torreblanca (Paco Torreblanca, Elche), Fernando Sáenz (Grate Workshop, Logroño), Ricardo Vélez (Moulin Chocolat, Madrid), Lucila Carnero (La Luciérnaga, Castelldefels), Alexis García (100% Pan, Tenerife), Rocío Arroyo (pastry professor), Eduardo Chapero (Milhojas confectionery, Cabezón de la Sal), Carlos Pérez (Juanito Baker, Málaga), Alberto Miragoli (130 Grados, Madrid), Puy Vélez (Moulin Chocolat, Madrid), Ausias Signes (Pastry Revelation Chef, Madrid Fusión 2023), Ana Vega (Journalist and historian), Rosa Tovar (cook, pastry chef and specialist in the gastronomy´s history) and José Carlos Capel (founder of Madrid Fusión and GastroActitud).

To sum up, a program where attendees learned and enjoyed each of the classes; chocolate desserts, new pastry techniques, bread and dough tastings, chocolate tasting, pastries, egg creams, ice cream, and chocolate production. There were also conferences and round table discussions that allowed attendees to explore the gastronomic culture related to these subjects.

For several years, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has hosted summer courses organized by Gastroactitud. These courses are aimed at hospitality and food professionals, including hospitality students, food technology or gastronomic journalism experts, and gastronomy enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, this annual event serves as an interesting meeting point for the sector.

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