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Le Cordon Bleu provides students with the opportunity to round off their culinary arts training with a diploma in management

managementMarch 2018, Paris – Le Cordon Bleu, the leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes, announces the launch of training programme packages, enabling students to round off their culinary arts training with a diploma in management. The Grand Diplôme and Cuisine and Pastry Diplomas can now be immediately followed by a Diploma in Culinary Management. Having acquired advanced practical and technical culinary skills, students go on to train in entrepreneurship and management, enabling them to become outstanding business leaders.

What is the Diploma in Culinary Management?

Lasting 3 months, this training programme aims to develop students’ ability to analyse, develop and create recipes by using advanced technical skills and in-depth knowledge of food and wine pairing and menu planning. The demonstrations and practical sessions aim to develop the creativity and innovative skills of students, by focusing on current culinary trends.

This training programme also provides future business owners with myriad skills in marketing and management, which will enable them to create a business model, including: managing a team and day-to-day operations in a kitchen, restaurant focused marketing and the development of a business concept.

Finally, the programme also enables students to expand their professional network.

By providing students with the possibility to follow two complementary training programmes consecutively, Le Cordon Bleu enables them to equip themselves with all the necessary skills for successfully launching their business.

Students also have the possibility of carrying out an internship at the end of their consecutive training programmes.

A talented chef and a talented business leader are two very different things. To succeed in the restaurant industry, a global vision of what constitutes a company, and what is involved, is key. Codes have changed, it is also vital to know how to promote your cuisine, manage your team and restaurant. Le Cordon Bleu Diploma in Culinary Management at the end of a Cuisine or Pastry training programme is a springboard to success.
states Chef Guillaume Siegler, Le Cordon Bleu.

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