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Diploma in Pâtisserie
Innovation and Wellness

Interview of Chef Danniel

Chef Danniel
Le Cordon Bleu Paris is pleased to announce that its new Diploma in Patisserie Innovation and Wellness will be launched in July 2021. The 3-month programme will focus on the art of pâtisserie with emphasis on health and well-being. Chef Fabrice Danniel, Culinary Arts Deputy Director – Pastry and Boulangerie Director, was delighted to answer our questions.  


Why was this programme created?

Above all, it is a continuation of our existing programmes. When students start at Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute, they learn fundamental skills in cuisine, pastry or boulangerie, with the emphasis on technique, whereas the new programme enables students to focus on the product from a scientific perspective.


What is the difference between this training programme and similar ones?

This programme is innovative as it examines different types of pâtisserie. Students will explore concepts such as gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, egg-free and vegan. What sets us apart is providing a programme which examines a product and all the concepts related to it, such as well-being, nutrition and health.


What is meant by “pâtisserie of the future”?  

Pâtisserie of the future is used in the sense that it is evolving. We currently pay greater attention to what we eat and buy. People want to know which ingredients have been used to produce what they are eating, where the chocolate comes from, if the flour is organic. The younger generation is also increasingly concerned about biodiversity and recycling and keen to have an organic diet. Even hotels are following this trajectory, with vegan brunches. A whole concept is therefore developing in relation to the client, based on healthy, sustainable and transparent consumption.


 Could it be said that natural pâtisserie is the future of traditional pâtisserie?

They are two different things. In France, traditional pâtisserie was created by our peers, who had specific techniques and ways of doing things. Opéra, for example, is a rich and sugary dessert but it is firmly steeped in French tradition. It is these very culinary traditions which have enabled today’s pâtisserie to evolve. Without traditional pâtisserie, today’s pâtisserie would not exist.


Is the pâtisserie sector booming?

Absolutely! The pâtisserie sector is vast, constantly evolving and provides countless opportunities! The boutique concept is rapidly changing with, for example, numerous single product boutiques and vegan pâtisseries. Pâtisserie is a sector which will always flourish, as it is deeply rooted in our traditions. It is customary to end an event with a dessert, whether a party, birthday or wedding, there is always something sweet.


 How do you see the pâtisserie of the future evolving?

I believe that the pâtisserie of the future will involve treating oneself with pure and natural flavours. It will mean being aware of what you are eating and taking care of your own health by being conscious of what you are putting into your body.

Are you interested? More information about the programme and online registration: click here.