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Can you help make tourism a sustainable industry?

Tourism is one of Australia's growth industries. How can you care for our future as a hospitality manager?

Tourism is one of Australia's key industries, with people from all over the world coming to see our beautiful natural wonders, taste our iconic seafood, and sip our internationally celebrated wines. The industry supports thousands of jobs each year and generates significant revenue. In the year ending June 2017, we welcomed 8.5 million visitors who brought $40.6 billion into the economy.

Growth is one of the defining factors of the tourism industry in Australia, with government plans to achieve $115 billion in total overnight spending by 2020. The Tourism 2020 initiative is a long-term scheme to realise the industry's potential.

Employment prospects

Long-term employment prospects in this sector are excellent, especially for qualified Le Cordon Bleu graduates. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission intends to:

While these initiatives expand the sector and benefit the Australian economy, how can we soften the impact of such growth?

Environmental impact

Tourism in Australia has already affected the natural environment. The impact on the Great Barrier Reef is well documented, with damage to fragile coral as a result of reef walking, dropped anchors, and chemical pollution from boat fuel and even run-off from suntan lotion.

Often the arrival of tourists in areas lacking infrastructure introduces a significant amount of waste, while native plants and wildlife are removed to install walking trails.

However, the industry's impact on the environment is not entirely negative. With great traffic comes great visibility. Tourism provides a platform to educate visitors about conservation and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Socio-cultural impact

The industry can also affect members of local communities. As more people come through inhabited areas, the chances of social conflict increase. In order for tourism to be sustainable, the industry must achieve a symbiotic relationship with host communities.

The preservation of traditions and respect to indigenous cultures is paramount, particularly in Australia where historical damages to Aboriginal peoples are a sensitive issue.

How management makes a difference

Proper management of tourism businesses and policy is crucial to creating a sustainable industry. A deep understanding of the causes and effects of tourism's impacts on the environment, peoples, and economy of Australia - or any country - is the secret to succeeding.

If you are interested in creating a sustainable tourism industry, a Le Cordon Bleu management degree offers an internationally recognised qualification and a global alumni network. For more information about future careers, get in touch with Le Cordon Bleu today.

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