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LCB Alumni - Malaysia Chapter hosts
The Blue Ribbon Artistry
Photo Exhibition


13th April 2019 - KUALA LUMPUR: The LCB Alumni - Malaysia Chapter organized the exclusive media preview today of the Blue Ribbon Artistry Photo Exhibition by International Celebrity Photographer Kid Chan, supported by Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia.

The event was graced by the presence of Guest-of-Honour of the day, Andrés Cointreau, President & CEO of Le Cordon Bleu international, HE Mr Frederic Laplanche, French Ambassador in Malaysia with participating Le Cordon Bleu Alumni namely: Datin Su Wai Fun, Dato Fazley Yaakob, Chef Darren Chin, Chef Johnson Wong, Chef Nikom Uatthong and Abang Brian.

These iconic members were part of Le Cordon Bleu Alumni’s first collaboration with Kid Chan, a Malaysian-born famed photographer who has taken photographs of numerous high profile personalities nationwide and the world over.

“The Blue Ribbon Artistry is a photo exhibition featuring LCB Alumni in their professional element, highlighting their passion, creativity and talent to the eye. You will witness the process where raw materials transform into gastronomic masterpieces, where emotions are captured on the spur of a moment, or when thought and concentration is taken to a still,” said Dr Andre Cointreau, President & CEO of Le Gordon Bleu International.

“This exhibition puts forward great artistry in both photography and culinary fields, while Kid Chan, Malaysian international celebrity photographer immortalizes LCB Alumni,” he added.

The Blue Ribbon Artistry Photo Exhibition showcases the individual iconic personalities of the Alumni who are now renowned professionals in their culinary journeys. These captivating photographs of six outstandingly and distinguished LCB Alumni captures their emotions and characteristics in action.

This initiative is the beginning of a yearlong funding campaign - Culinary Hearts, a CSR project organized by the Alumni in order to sponsor a worthy cause towards a student who is unable to afford fees. Any short fall of fees to complete a 9 months programme at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia will be topped up as a scholarship award from the Institute itself to fund the selected candidate.

The support of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia of the Blue Ribbon Artistry Photo Exhibition by Kid Chan shows its guardianship of the French culinary technique. Through its world-renowned network of educational institutions that offer the highest standards of culinary and hospitality instruction, aspiring chefs are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to launch exciting careers in fields of their choosing.

Interested members of the public can view the photo exhibition at Le Cordon Bleu’s Restaurant Espace Andre Cointreau at Sunway College in Bandar Sunway from next week.