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BCAB Cultural Tour

Understanding Wellingtons Heritage.

Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand specialises in the French culinary arts first and foremost; however, we always encourage our students to imbue themselves and their own heritage into everything they do. Being such a culturally diverse institute students are constantly exposed to their peers’ culture and cuisine.

Our Bachelor of Culinary Art’s and Business is a 3-year degree, with a 3-year post study visa on completion. While being exposed to many new cultural traditions in and outside of the classroom we offer our students the chance to learn about their new home from the native Māori perspective. Through food and passed down mythological stories students where given a tour of Wellington and provided a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of key landmarks. Students were able to gain exclusive access to a non-public excavation site dating to the time of the first European settlers in New Zealand.


By enriching our lives, we are able to enrich the things we create. At Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand, we teach the French principles and processes that enable our students to create works of art, art that enthrals the five senses beyond all other mediums. 

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