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Award-winning pastry chef breaking the rules

Gunawan is breaking all the rules in the name of innovation. Now in the 2016 Savour Hall of Fame, this energetic Indonesian won’t stop until he’s a certified celebrity chef!

Award-winning pastry chef Gunawan is on a mission. A Tourism degree laid the foundation, but it was his pâtisserie studies at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide that set his career soaring. Winning his first medal in the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge (SA), he has since been awarded People’s Choice for Best Tart in Savour 2016.

With his ground-breaking Terrarium Tart on the front cover of Savour’s Pâtissier of the Year 2016 recipe book, Gunawan is committed to pushing creative boundaries.

 “I want to change Adelaide’s perspective of desserts with my signature style which often breaks the rules. If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, Adelaide’s pâtisserie industry won’t grow.” 

A ‘magical’ industry placement at upmarket Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio is a happy memory. “I did my Work Integrated Learning at Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio where I made magical sweets, my happiest moment was tempering 10kg of chocolate.”

Photo by © Richard Weinsten, Savour Pâtissier of the Year Competition 2016, used by permission, http://www.richardweinstein.com.au/

Innovation being his hallmark, Gunawan is known for his unique creations in competitions. “Push beyond your boundaries and be true to yourself,” he says.

Gunawan is currently being coached by Le Cordon Bleu Lecturer Jenni Key for Asia Pastry Cup 2018, while working as a Pastry Chef Instructor. A long-term cherished dream is to be a Chef Lecturer at Le Cordon Bleu.

““Le Cordon Bleu has the best lecturers, the best facilities and the best industry connections! It’s all about who you know. Without Le Cordon Bleu opening doors, these opportunities would never have happened.”