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Avant-garde Three Course Lunch

Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business

Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand recently hosted an Avant-Garde culinary journey through the school with a three-course lunch, set in different themed spaces. This unique culinary event was expertly created and prepared by our talented third-year Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business students as part of their studies and incorporates International ingredients, cutting-edge techniques, and ingenuity in line with the students two papers - Professional Gastronomic Practice and Decision Making and Strategy.

The theme of the three-course lunch was Modern French cuisine, which enabled students to introduce international flavours into French dishes, and to experiment with the techniques of molecular gastronomy such as spherification.

Photography by Humadi Ar.

Table setting created by third year Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business students.

Chef Vincent and students plating during the event.

Students carefully plating each dessert to perfection.

Chef Vincent and students in action.

Duck lef confit, plum jus, duck croquette, citron gel, ratatouille tian.

Dry Ice to create a moody atmosphere and add drama to the setting.

Students during service.

Chefs and students celebrate a great service.