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Some events feel like they were a lifetime ago, and some remain realities today

Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide Graduation 2020

So much has happened this year! Australia blazed into 2020 under the threat of bushfires and currently remains under the blanket of a pandemic. But we have faced a unique period of opportunity and although it has been challenging, we have also been provided with an opportunity to be innovative, creative, and to reimagine our events.

As we strive to create an experience which is both safe and engaging, technology has played a crucial role; we have drawn on all the strengths and talents of our digital, graphic, and marketing colleagues. Currently in production is a graduation that we are building in the form of an online presentation; it has taken a lot of work, from a lot of different departments and enlisted many a skill set. It’s something we have never done before and the potential in an online space is limitless!

Another exciting introduction in events in 2020 was live streaming. As a result of border restrictions and our largely international student community, we introduced live streaming at our graduations so friends and family all over the world who were unable to be here were still able to see their loved ones graduate. Moving forward, we hope to continue creating an engaging experience online and a new experience for our audiences, hopefully to a new level and standard, which will last long after COVID-19 becomes a thing of the past.

Looking forward to 2021, our first event off the rank is graduating our inaugural Perth cohort! The journey has come to an end for this group, and we look forward to preparing a graduation for them that will be the highlight of their education journey and to celebrate all their hard work….that of course will be live streamed!

As we move into 2021 with new directions, it’s going to be a hugely exciting journey!

Events that took place in 2020:

  • Adelaide Graduation Ceremony, February
  • Adelaide Commencement Ceremony, February
  • Adelaide Graduation, August
  • Sydney Graduation Ceremony, February
  • Sydney Graduation Ceremony, August
  • Sydney Graduation Ceremony, November
  • Brisbane Graduation & Commencement Ceremony, February
  • Brisbane Graduation Ceremony, July
  • Brisbane Graduation Ceremony, October
  • Melbourne Commencement Ceremony, February
  • Melbourne Graduation Ceremony, March

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