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Aussie alumni abroad: How three graduates made the world their oyster

A degree backed by Le Cordon Bleu Australia can take you anywhere in the world. This World Tourism Day (September 27), we celebrate three Le Cordon Bleu Sydney alumni who are living their dreams, working abroad.

Devashree Muni

What she studied: Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Where she is now: Owner of Cocoa Cellar, Mumbai, India

For Devashree Muni, being a Le Cordon Bleu alumna is a title she holds close to her heart. Although born and raised in Mumbai, India, she always had her sights set on studying at Le Cordon Bleu’s Sydney campus to make a career out of her love for baking.

“It is because of Le Cordon Bleu Australia that I have the confidence, knowledge and experience which is so important to thrive in the hospitality industry and especially, to become a patissier,” the 27-year-old says. “The chefs at Le Cordon Bleu Australia taught us well, paid close attention to us and made sure we knew and understood how to master our skills.”

Upon graduating in 2019, Devashree was determined to start a business in her hometown where she knew there was a gap in the market. Now, she runs successful dessert kitchen Cocoa Cellar which specialises in alcohol-infused desserts.

“In India, there are limited bakeries that create a wide range of alcohol-infused desserts such as tiramisu, cookies or liquor truffles,” she says. “Cocoa Cellar is a unique creation in itself and stands out because of its distinctive recipes.”

She says the Diplôme de Pâtisserie degree allowed her to craft her skillset as a patissier and give it a more professional edge. “Having this degree has opened so many doors, as Le Cordon Bleu is a world-renowned institute.”

Sun Kim

What he studied: Diplôme de Cuisine

Where he is now: Chef and owner of Meta, Singapore

Sun Kim was exposed to cooking from an early age and was inspired by his mother who was a restaurateur in Seoul, South Korea. In 2011 he made the bold decision to pack his bags and move to Australia where he enrolled in the Diplôme de Cuisine program at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney.

His Le Cordon Bleu training, paired with experience working in Italian restaurants and learning Japanese techniques under a Japanese chef, gave him the necessary skills required to start his own business, Meta, in Singapore.

The contemporary Asian restaurant combines his Korean heritage with Japanese culinary techniques and western culinary training. In 2017, Meta received its first Michelin star and retained it in 2018 and 2019.

Richard Wales

What he studied: Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Where he is now: General Manager, Pendry Hotels & Resorts, Utah, United States

Sydney-born Richard Wales always dreamt of working in hotels. So when the opportunity arose to study an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management at Le Cordon Bleu Australia, he took the plunge.

Now, the 44-year-old is the general manager of Pendry Park City – a new hotel in Canyons Village, Utah. He says Le Cordon Bleu Australia and the diploma’s well-rounded program helped him learn about all facets of the hospitality industry.

“It prepared me to understand hotel operations, not just from guest interactions but also the work behind the scenes that needs to happen for a hotel to run 24/7,” he says.

“I think Le Cordon Bleu helps prepare students for the hospitality industry, and there is still so much to learn once you are in. It is an exciting and energetic job that will constantly challenge you to be better day after day.”