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Why Le Cordon Bleu Industry Partners
hire our students

Le Cordon Bleu is proud of its 20-year relationship with international hotel company and industry partner, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). Mr Andrew Morley, Director of Talent Resourcing (Australasia Region) understands the vital importance of employing work-ready students and acknowledges this outstanding quality in Le Cordon Bleu students.

We love to hire Le Cordon Bleu students, they come really well prepared to work in our environment… Le Cordon Bleu students work in our kitchens, food and beverage (restaurants and events areas), front & back of house and front office environments. Le Cordon Bleu students are really well supported by the Career Services team that really look after their well-being and help our HR and Operational Leaders. We’ve had a really good relationship over a long period of time, so we love to work with Le Cordon Bleu.
Watch this interview with Andrew Morley, Director Talent Resourcing, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) Australasia Region where he discusses two decades of hiring work-ready Le Cordon Bleu students.

Career Services: Creating work-ready graduates

A driving force behind Le Cordon Bleu programme development is ensuring graduates possess the academic knowledge and practical skills necessary to their chosen field. This includes the ability to research information, solve problems and apply critical thinking skills. During our students’ course of study, these hard skills are instilled through a rigorous academic process.

There are however, non-cognitive or soft skills which are defined as personal characteristics or behavioural traits - developing these skills is the key focus of the Career Services Team. The team has identified the following soft skills as critical to the success of Le Cordon Bleu graduates in the workplace: communication, professional presentation, adaptability, work ethic, positive attitude, accountability, honesty, courtesy, and teamwork.

Career Services organises a range of activities to help students develop these skills, providing students with access to workshops, seminars, industry career fairs (networking), tutorials and one-on-one personal career coaching sessions. Le Cordon Bleu is dedicated to ensuring students are work-ready upon graduation.