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Alumni Video Series: Meet
Joachim Lim

Joachim Lim knew that in order to truly succeed in the culinary world, he had to arm himself with all the knowledge and power of both cuisine and patisserie. The Grand Diplôme® graduate, who is now the head chef at Melbourne's acclaimed Society Restaurant, says he made the right decision to study at Le Cordon Bleu Australia, as it opened his world to endless possibilities.

“It’s one of the most prestigious schools you can go to if you’re interested in culinary arts,” he says.

“As a student you don’t usually get to work with premium products, but I remember in one class I was able to work with a lobster that weighed 2kg which was incredible.”

As a lover of both savoury and sweet, Joachim decided to take charge of his career with Le Cordon Bleu’s Grand Diplôme® – internationally recognised as the most prestigious certificate in the culinary world. It is awarded to students after having completed their studies in both cuisine and patisserie.

“As a chef it’s really important to know both sides of culinary arts,” he says.

“Climbing up the ladder, it is vital to have that knowledge and to be able to empower yourself, and even the chefs below you as you rise up the hierarchy.”

After years of hard work and determination, Joachim now finds himself working at Society, one of the flagship restaurants of the Chris Lucas Group, offering elevated dining experiences.

Climbing up the ladder, it is vital to have that knowledge and to be able to empower yourself, and even the chefs below you as you rise up the hierarchy.

He manages the day-to-day operations of the venue and particularly loves using European techniques to produce dishes that leave customers with a hunger for more.

Society not only has several alumni working in their kitchens, but is also one of the many esteemed industry partners of Le Cordon Bleu.

Students can often be found learning the ropes from Joachim in order to deliver culinary masterpieces that take fine dining to a whole new meaning.

“Having Le Cordon Bleu students come to Society really opens up their experience and their product knowledge,” Joachim says.

“Our main focus is Australian produce, handpicking the best of the best. It really takes the students to the next level, paired with their Le Cordon Bleu studies.”

His advice to those thinking of studying at Le Cordon Bleu Australia is simple: “Don’t look back”.

“The curriculum is one of the best in the world and having chefs interact with students one-on-one is second to none.”

Joachim Lim, Head Chef at Society Restaurant, collage.

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