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Alumni Video Series:
Meet Kheifer Kay Ava Rey

Alumni Video Series: Meet Kheifer Kay Ava Rey Since graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Australia with a Bachelor of Business in International Restaurant Management, Kheifer Kay Ava Rey has taken the hotel world by storm. The Sydney alumna, who has a passion for all things events, managed to climb the ranks into managerial roles within the space of two years post-graduation.

She says it was her time at Le Cordon Bleu Australia – and the knowledge imparted on her through the institution’s experienced lecturers – that allowed her to take on big roles in hotels such as Rydges, Hotel Urban, Daydream Island Resort and Stamford Hotels & Resorts.

Kheifer is now the conferences and events manager at Sir Stamford at Circular Quay, and recently helped her parents open Filipino restaurant Avaz Kitchen where she built the eatery’s concept from the ground up.

We sat down with Kheifer and got to know her as part of Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s Alumni Video Series.

Tell us about your current role…

At Sir Stamford I organise conferences and events throughout the year. That includes our social events to corporate events, and other functions like Christmas, New Year's, Easter and many more.

What’s your biggest career achievement?

To-date, my biggest career achievement is actually helping my parents open a Filipino restaurant back in Melbourne. This was straight from graduation in 2016. That was a very proud moment for me because I managed to use the skills and the knowledge that I learned from Le Cordon Bleu to then apply that to that restaurant.

What did you love most about studying with Le Cordon Bleu Australia?

My particular highlight studying with Le Cordon Bleu was the fact that we managed to go around in the kitchen, so learning about the operational side of things, but also then doing the administration side of things, so learning more about how to build a business, to making reports. So, having an all-rounded experience was the highlight for me.

What’s your advice for those wanting to start a career in events?

In particular in hotels, my best advice to you when you come in is to find a mentor. That has helped me grow a lot throughout the years, but also having that positive attitude and going through your day like it's a new day. So stay positive and always make sure that you just power on.

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