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Alumni Shalvi Mohindra

Diplôme de Pâtisserie Alumni
Bohemein Fresh Chocolates Auckland Business Owner

Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Alumni Shalvi identified her creative ability at a young age aspiring an artistic career. Shalvi learned the art of chocolate making on a short course during a school holiday break when she was growing up in Delhi, India and soon after started making chocolates, gifting them to friends and family.

"Once I learned the art of the chocolate making, there was no turning back after that."

Shalvi's parents recognised her passion for chocolate making and helped her start a small chocolate business in 2010. After 6 years of making chocolates and confections as a small business owner with 5 staff, Shalvi decided to move to New Zealand and study the Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu to develop her skills further.

What was your experience like at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand and what did you take away with you?

"When I left India to study at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand I already had goals and visions in mind and the tutors at Le Cordon Bleu helped me achieve them. They were all passionate and encouraged me to take part in culinary competitions around New Zealand including the Regional and National Hospitality Championships which helped shape my culinary career."

"I chose Le Cordon Bleu for its prestigious reputation and contribution to the culinary industry over the past 125 years. I valued the classic French techniques and how everything is taught starting at the basics enabling us to develop our skills onto more advanced levels."

Shalvi's Chocolate sculpture at the 2018 National Hospitality Championships in Auckalnd.

Tell us about your culinary journey so far?

My Culinary Journey started back in 2010, I started my chocolate business and was in operation for 6 years while also completing a Bachelors of Commerce and Bachelors of Education.

In 2016 I completed an internship at a bakery in New Delhi reinforcing my passion for pâtisserie and driving my move to New Zealand to study the Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand.

Once I had completed the Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand. I was offered a full-time position with Bohemein Fresh Chocolates and worked with the company as a Chocolatier for 3 years.

I wanted to challenge myself and moved to Auckland in 2019, working for LSG Sky chefs in their Bakehouse as the Chef De Partie.

In 2020 I got the opportunity to join hands with Bohemein Fresh Chocolates again as a store owner in Auckland. Currently, I own and manage Bohemein Fresh Chocolates Auckland store.

Left: Shalvi making Chocolate Minibars with Cupuacu (an exotic fruit dipped in acai berry) at Bohemein Fresh Chocolates, Production.
Right: Chocolate sculpture by Shalvi

What are your culinary goals for the future?

"My Culinary dream is to share my passion and knowledge as a Chocolatier, to talk about how a humble bean turns into chocolate and other confections."

What were your first impressions of Wellington city?

"My first impression of Wellington was amazing! I always liked the idea of living between nature and still having a city life. Wellington has so much to offer in terms of nature and scenes, the population is small, polite and humble."

What is your favourite thing to do in Wellington?

"Walking along Oriental Bay - any time of the day!"

What is your favourite Wellington place to eat?

"Favourite place to eat - Little Penang!"

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