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Alumni Video Series: Meet Chloe Rickaby

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business in International Hotel Management, Chloe Rickaby’s career skyrocketed. She says her time at Le Cordon Bleu Australia paved the way for her to be where she is today – and a lot faster than had she gone down a different path.

“As soon as my studies were finished in 2015, I was immediately promoted into a supervisor role at the restaurant I was working at,” Chloe says.

“I was there for six months before I was offered a position at Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills as their restaurant and cellar door manager.”

She says Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s Bachelor of Business in International Hotel Management degree armed her with all the skills needed to progress through her career in management, from the ground up.

Her Work Integrated Learning placement was also a key part of helping her understand the Australian hospitality landscape.

“I did my first placement in Queensland on Hamilton Island where I used that time to focus on restaurant operations,” she says.

“Then I used my second placement to focus on the hotel world and, in particular, housekeeping.

Chloe Rickaby“I really gained an appreciation for beginning from the bottom and working my way to the top in a hotel setting.”

After seven years working in a winery setting, Chloe has now found a new home at a prestigious women’s club in South Australia, where she has taken on the role as assistant general manager.

Despite her career success, she continually refers back to her time at Le Cordon Bleu as the place that brought her dreams to reality.

And she has some words of advice, particularly for international students looking to study in Australia: “Students looking to come from overseas should definitely embrace it… the culture we have here in Adelaide, let alone Australia, is very welcoming and very diverse.”

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