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Nominations Are Open For Alumni Of The Year 2021 Awards for Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

We recognize outstanding successes that our alumni achieved and extraordinary journeys they have undertaken. Either as a chef, a contributer to the community or in a completely different area, we would like to hear about it!

All applications will be reviewed by LCB Ottawa Alumni Award committee and one alumni will be chosen for the award. Other applicants might be contacted for an interview and showcased in our local and international pages.

Alumni Of The Year Award committee willl review all applications and make their choice based on:

  1. The level of involvement from the nominee
  2. How it reflects on the overall culinary arts world
  3. How innovative and/or unprecedented the journey is
  4. How the achievement affects society in general
  5. How much recognition it gathered
  6. Any other notable feature

Applications for LCB Ottawa Alumni Of The Year 2021 Award will close on June 30, 2021 5 pm EST.

Apply today for a chance to be featured as a candidate and win the award!