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140th anniversary of the Alliance Française in Paris

HEG 2023

On Thursday, July 20th, several Chefs and students from Le Cordon Bleu Paris specializing in pastry and boulangerie participated in the organization and preparations for the 140th anniversary of the Alliance Française in Paris. For this occasion, several artistic pastry and chocolate creations were made by the Chefs and students from the institute.

Le Cordon Bleu is one of the two founding members of the Alliance Française Foundation, which coordinates 829 Alliance Française branches in 135 countries. The Alliance Française, or AF, promotes the French language and culture through a network of schools, with approximately 428,000 learners (all courses combined) worldwide. Over the years, Le Cordon Bleu and the Alliance Française have embraced a shared cultural and educational mission, aiming to shine a light on France and its expertise around the world. Their commitment to showcasing French culture, arts, language, and gastronomy on the international stage fosters a constant and daily dialogue between these prestigious institutions.

To celebrate this partnership and the 140th anniversary of the Alliance Française in Paris, Le Cordon Bleu Paris decided to make this celebration even more special by creating several pastry and chocolate masterpieces. The Pastry Chefs crafted and built a 2.5-meter giant Eiffel Tower, covered with royal icing, and adorned with pastillage flowers. Accompanied by the students, the Chefs created magnificent chocolate sculptures, including two giant globes, sailboats, and several chocolate books. Finally, they prepared 650 "revisited fraisier" verrines, which were served to the guests by the students. As a final touch, a presentation cake representing the number 140 was specially made for the occasion.

To cut the cake, President André Cointreau was accompanied by the President of the Alliance Française, Yves Bigot, as well as Erik Orsenna from the Académie Française, and Françoise Nyssen, editor, and former Minister of Culture.

Congratulations to the entire team of Chefs and students for their work, which made this event so special. The institute also wishes to thank the Alliance Française in Paris for their trust throughout the years.