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A day in the life of a master's student

Harpreet Talwar around South AustraliaLife in Australia is full of vibrancy, adventure and a year-round calendar of events to provide the perfect balance between study and play. So, it’s no surprise this bustling country has become a highly sought-after destination for international students. 

In 2021, Australia welcomed more than 500,000 international students onto its shores, according to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. One of these students was Harpreet Talwar, who is currently studying the Master of International Hospitality Management (MIHM) program at Le Cordon Bleu’s Adelaide campus.

Coming from Oman, Harpreet now calls herself an honorary “Aussie” and has completely embraced the uniquely Australian lifestyle.

Here’s what a typical day for the MIHM student looks like:

8:00am: The campus commute

After a quick coffee stop at her local café, Harpreet heads to campus, either by walking or using Adelaide’s efficient public transport system. She usually uses this time to catch up on reading or listen to a podcast.

9:00am: Morning class

The day begins with lively lectures and interactive discussions with professors and students. Harpreet likes to take diligent notes and ask questions to fully grasp the material.

12:00pm: Lunch break

After a busy morning of theory, it’s time for a one-hour break. Harpreet takes advantage of the abundance of local eateries at the University of South Australia’s city west campus (where MIHM classes are taken) with friends. Her personal favourite is Vietnamese eatery Sit Lo.

1:00pm: Study session

Harpreet has refuelled and is ready for a few solid hours of study. This is her time to focus in the library or a quiet study nook, review class notes, work on assignments and prepare for upcoming assessments.

3:00pm: Outdoor break

Before her afternoon practical session, Harpreet takes an afternoon walk to the nearby parklands to reset, re-energise and realign her focus. She particularly enjoys a stroll down North Terrace and into the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

4:00pm: Workshop

Her final class for the day consists of practical sessions, workshops or lab activities, where she is able to put all her theoretical knowledge into practice.

6:00pm: Dinner

While Harpreet enjoys cooking at home, she frequently finds herself exploring Adelaide’s diverse culinary scene. After dinner, Harpreet will take some time to read or watch a movie, before preparing for another full day of class ahead.

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