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5 Questions about our Diploma in Culinary Management

5 questions about diploma in culinary management

Elaine McCarthy is a Culinary Management Lecturer at Le Cordon Bleu London. We meet with her so she can talk to us about our Diploma in Culinary Management.


1. Can you describe the programme available at the London School?
It is called Diploma in Culinary Management. We designed it for students who really want to deepen their culinary techniques but also learn more about gastronomy and management.

For the first time, Le Cordon Bleu has a programme combining advanced culinary course (advanced techniques, recipes and menu planning as well as food trends, innovative concepts and sensory skills), key operational and management disciplines (understanding the supply chain, costings, staff management) and business & restaurant marketing (deepen your knowledge and highlight the importance of marketing).

The course is divided as follow:


2. I already have a diploma in culinary arts, why would I need to study this specific diploma?
We noticed some of our students wanted to learn more after studying one of our diplomas. Requests were specifically on topics related to efficiently running a restaurant on a daily basis or understand how to manage a food business incl. staff management. This course has therefore been developed to meet their specific needs.

The Diploma in Culinary Management is a programme that would bring you to a next level in your culinary studies. For instance they will be asked to run their own virtual restaurant.


3. Who can enrol on this course?
Le Cordon Bleu Diploma or Grand Diplôme or equivalent culinary qualification. We recommend that students coming from outside Le Cordon Bleu to contact the school in order to schedule a meeting prior to enrolment.


 4. What is the cost and how long does the programme last?
£6,115 - Correct at time of latest publication (06/11/2018)

200 hours over 10 teaching weeks and 1 week of assessments.

The course will be a mix of practical courses and lectures taught by some of the best professionals available in London.


5. Once I graduate, what kind of career can I expect?
We expect you to become the managers of tomorrow!
You will have the skills to become a leader in hospitality and restaurant industries at international level.

Graduates will be able to start a career in culinary management leading to a supervisory/ management roles in kitchen management in the international hospitality sector, specifically 4/5 star hotels and resorts, fine dining restaurants, conventions and event management. Examples of potential positions:



Please contact us if you would like to receive further information or visit our Diploma in Culinary Management page.