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Intermediate Cuisine Certificate


Intermediate Cuisine introduces students to the concepts of Bistronomie which draw upon the classic French regional cuisine heritage in a fresh, modern and innovative manner. Through this learning, students will build upon skills and knowledge gained in Basic Cuisine whilst focusing on attention to detail for mise en place, organization and presentation of dishes.

*Please note the intake dates may be subject to change. Were a change to occur, due to unforeseen events, the highest likelihood is that the change would not be for more than a day or two-variation.

Programme Details

  • Course Structure

    Intermediate Cuisine Certificate: 181 hours

    Core Objectives:

      Implement basic techniques learned and apply them to fundamental Bistronomie and culinary techniques including:
    • extending cooking techniques including salmis, braising, smoking and sauté
    • developing butchery skills
    • developing fish cooking techniques
    • preparing live shellfish
    • expanding vegetable cutting techniques and cooking methods
    • consolidation of sauce techniques
    • pasta
    • advanced farce techniques
    • charcuterie (sausage preparation, terrine, pâté and mousse)
    • offal

    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
      Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills
  • Who is the programme for?
    Prerequisite: Basic Cuisine Certificate
  • Term Dates & Apply

    Term Dates & Prices

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    May 18, 2020 - Jun 28, 2020 ( Intensive , in English , Chinese )
    ¥ 1,228,000
    Nov 16, 2020 - Dec 22, 2020 ( Intensive , in English , Chinese )
    ¥ 1,228,000
    Feb 15, 2021 - Mar 28, 2021 ( Intensive , in English , Chinese )
    ¥ 1,228,000