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120 Anniversary

After opening its doors in Paris in 1895 and London in the 50s, Le Cordon Bleu opened its third school in Europe and the chosen location was Madrid. In 2011, the first Spanish speaking school of the Le Cordon Bleu network in Europe started functioning.
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120th Anniversary Celebration

The Ottawa campus commemorates this milestone with a two-day celebration in November 2015 inviting alumni from around the world and the awarding of the ‘Passion for Excellence Scholarship Award’. The scholarship is worth over $30,000 to an aspiring culinary talent.
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Come and talk to Le Cordon Bleu India representative Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management and Gastronomy programs.

Le Cordon Bleu 120 Aniversary

We are used to saying that the stoves of haute cuisine are dominated by men, but Le Cordon Bleu Madrid’s reality it’s much more feminine.
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Welcome to the Student Community

Students of over 70 nationalities come to Le Cordon Bleu with a willingness and enthusiasm to share their cultures. In the hallways of the schools, one hears French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese - all expressing a common passion for exellence. In 1995, Le Cordon Bleu Paris welcomed the first ever Chinese government sponsored students from Shanghai. Contributing to this diversity, you will have the opportunity to share your cultural background in a culinary or entrepreneurial context.

This section is reserved for Le Cordon Bleu students. It provides resources to assist you during your training at Le Cordon Bleu.

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