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On April 20, 2015 in Reims

Chef Frédéric Lesourd will represent Le Cordon Bleu as a member of the cuisine jury at the 6th Trophée Mille which takes place on the 20th Avril 2015 in Reims.
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Events & Fairs

Chef Olivier Mahut, Le Cordon Bleu Paris Pastry Chef Instructor, will be a jury member for a variety of competitions that will take place during the fair.
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The Mystery of Japanese Ingredients

It was seven years ago—right after he came to Japan—when Chef Stephane Reinat was introduced to this ingredient, and after realizing how much he liked it, another thought came to mind: “I immediately realized that the taste of miso is very close to all Japanese people and if I cook in Japan it’s a good idea to use it.”
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Easter recipe

This cake, originally from Croatia and traditionally served at times of celebrations is something novel to introduce onto your Easter table. This mango version with chocolate decorations is a delicious flavor combination to share with others over the Easter festivities.
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Welcome to the Student Community

Students of over 70 nationalities come to Le Cordon Bleu with a willingness and enthusiasm to share their cultures. In the hallways of the schools, one hears French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese - all expressing a common passion for exellence. In 1995, Le Cordon Bleu Paris welcomed the first ever Chinese government sponsored students from Shanghai. Contributing to this diversity, you will have the opportunity to share your cultural background in a culinary or entrepreneurial context.

This section is reserved for Le Cordon Bleu students. It provides resources to assist you during your training at Le Cordon Bleu.

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