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Le Cordon Bleu Madrid became the setting for 'Cooking Japan', Gastroactitud's summer university course

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid became the setting for Cooking japan, Gastroactitud's summer university course

During the last 26th and 27th of June, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid hosted the summer university course COOKING JAPAN, dedicated entirely to the study of Japanese cuisine and the gastronomic culture of Japan.

The program included classes for cutting bluefin tuna, white fish and seafood, hot cooking demonstrations, sushi rice tasting, dressings and sakes, and round tables on the most significant gastronomic cultural manifestations of the country and its lesser-known cuisines.

A unique opportunity to get to know in-depth, this suggestive cuisine, from all perspectives, and from the best professional; among whom we were lucky to count with Ricardo Sanz (Kabuki, Madrid), Hideki Matsuisha (Koi Shunka, Barcelona), Hugo Muñoz (Ugo Chan, Madrid), David Arauz (Zuhara Sushi, Madrid), Víctor Planas (Kensei, Tenerife), Juan Alcaide y Pablo Álvaro (Umiko, Madrid), Yong Wu (Ikigai, Madrid), Yoko Hasei (specialized in Kaiseki cuisine), Noelia Tomoshige (MonroeBakes, Madrid), Pablo Alomar (specialized in sakes), José Carlos Capel (food critic in El País and founder of GastroActitud)

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has been for several years the setting of these summer courses organized by Gastroactitud and aimed at professionals in the hotel and food sector; hospitality students, food technology experts or gastronomic journalists; and gastronomy enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, an annual meeting point for the sector.

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