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              Introduction to general basic knowledge of viticulture, students learn how to taste wine, have a wine tasting card, learn the methods of elaboration of different wine styles, analyze wine pairings with food and learn about the accessories that exist for the conservation and consumption of wines, it is perform a tasting with all types of wines according with their elaboration style.

              We have 3 School Cycles in the year: January, May and August.

              Key Information

              Duration: 3 months
              Price: $1,600.00 USD (Tuition + Certificate Cost)
              Days a Week: 1 day
              Hours per Week: Approximately 3 hrs.
              Teaching Method: Demonstration and practice
              Minimum of Students: 6 students pero group
              Maximum of Students: 12 students per group

              Certificate Details

              • Includes
                • Briefcase with 4 cups
                • 40 wines
                • Syllabus
                • Moleskine tasting notebook
                • Basic Wine Certificate
              • Admission Documents
                • Complete the Online Application form
                • Copy of Birth Certificate (scanned)
                • Copy of Most Recent Studies Certificate (scanned)
                • Digital Photograph
              • School Cycles

                Term Dates & Prices

                Select a date
                May 15, 2018 - Jul 18, 2018 (Standard, in Spanish)
                USD 1,600.00
                Aug 27, 2018 - Oct 29, 2018 (Standard, in Spanish)
                USD 1,600.00

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