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Food and Wine Pairing


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Food and Wine Pairing: Madère Sercial 10 ans Maison Barbeito

Madère Sercial 10 ans Maison Barbeito

Recipe: Udon noodle broth with tempura tofu and carrots

This Japanese Broth, served with tasty udon noodles is rich in Umami. Originally taken from Japanese, the word umami is used to describe what is considered to be the fifth basic taste, along the sweet, salty sour and bitter. The broth and the noodles are served at room temperature, and contrast with the very hot, crisp Tempura.

Broth is by definition difficult to pair with drinks. It is important that the chosen beverage be able to rival or even counteract the dilution effect of a liquid preparation. We should study the ingredients and asses their strength. Kombu and soy sauce are flavors which tend to either bring out bitterness in a wine or completely mask its finesse and complexity. Barbeito’s Dry 10 year old Madera made with the Sercial grape is a good choice because of its fresh, powerful, pronounced aromas with toasted almond, pine resin and nutty notes. It has a full, very structured palate which is very generous with refreshing acidity. The finish has a very pure, saline style, with slight deliberate oxidation. A wine of strong personality to link with the bold flavors of the land of the rising sun.

Don’t fancy wine? Try a strongly malted japanese beer such as Kirin.


Food and Wine Pairing

Food and Wine Pairing: AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Château Clos Saint-Emilion Philippe 2010 " Cuvée 110 "

AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Château Clos Saint-Emilion Philippe 2010 Recipe : Sirloin Steak, Pont-Neuf French Fries, Béarnaise SauceThere is no appellation in France that is more respected and admired than Saint-Emilion, the first vineyard to be nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999. The medieval village and hilly vineyard are a beauty to behold and envied by all. Here, classicism and longstanding traditions go hand-in-hand with modernism and excellence. Located on a clay-sandy soil this property, in the Libourne area, has parcels of over 100 year old Merlot producing a specific cuvée every year (vat 108, 109, 110) named according to the age of the vines. This wine has a deep, dense ebony color with flashes of the luminosity found in the very best vintages. The nose is enchanting and refined with notes of blackcurrant and wild blackberry which express themselves with moreish intensity. A complimentary minty freshness is brought to the fore by the mocha and cedar notes. The quality of the oak aging, thanks to close collaboration with renowned coopers, brings subtlety and a touch of class, without taking anything away from the finesse of this Grand Cru.Voluptuous and silky on the palate, the alcohol content is controlled by an omnipresent freshness which is supported by a very light and delicate touch of tannin. The oak is perfectly integrated in the wine giving it structure and complexity. The finish is long and classy with notes of very ripe black burlat cherries, tobacco, sweet vanilla and bramble. This wine has appeal because the fruit has been impeccably handled and the oak aging so well managed. I think therefore that it should accompany a beautifully simple dish, a pairing full of flavor and taste where the products exist in harmony. The texture of a thick-cut rare sirloin steak will be the perfect match for the strength of the tannins and the breed of this quality terroir.

Food and Wine Pairing: AOC Savennières moelleux 2011 - Château d'Epiré

AOC Savennières moelleux 2011 - Château d'Epiré Recipe: Langoustine phyllo pastry rolls, basil, mango and ginger chutneyThe pairing is founded on delicate texture in conjunction with the freshness of basil, and the sweetness of juicy, fragrant mango. With this in mind, I envisage a white wine made with late harvested grapes from a dynamic young vintage with the brightness of a grape with crystalline purity.I suggest a trip to Anjou into the Savennières appelation. The wine is the 2011 medium sweet from Château d'Epiré. You will be delighted by the range of aromas this Savennières has to offer - there are notes of candied grapefruit, fresh pineapple, kumquat, orange blossom and beeswax. The way Chenin blanc expresses itself in this mythical terroir highlights its legendary elegance. This pairing is all about balance and the chiseled style of the wine will pick out the melt-in-the-mouth refinement of the shellfish with no heaviness on the palate. The ginger requires a concentrated wine whose minerality will harmonise and rival the slightly piquant flavor. A remarkably effective pairing.This food and wine pairing is suggested by Franck Ramage, Head of Wine Department and teacher of the Wine and Management program at Le Cordon Bleu Paris School