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Study Tours and Activities


The true joy of gastronomy and learning lies in immersing yourself in new and different experiences.
Le Cordon Bleu Japan is pleased to offer a number of stimulating learning activities outside of the regular classroom environment, including excursions, tours, and hands-on learning experiences.
Why not join one of these activities and gain memorable and unique insights into the gastronomy of Japan!

Study Tours and Activities

  • Japanese Culinary and Sake Day Tour

    French sake expert Sebastien Lemoine and Le Cordon Bleu invite you to a mountain village in the foothills of the mountain range rising at the Western tip of Tokyo Prefecture. This refreshing escape from the city includes a rural but beautiful meal in a stunning natural environment, as well as visits to both a local sake brewer and a local shoyu (soy sauce) brewer.

  • Activity「Experience Sake Brewing!」