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Application and Admission: Requirements and Process

Only applications complete with all requested documents and payment(s) will be eligible for admission. The Orientation Day is mandatory for all Students of a Diploma or Certificate Programme at Le Cordon Bleu Japan for the first time.

Application to Diploma Programme
Application at once to two or three diplomas or to consecutively attended will incur a single invoicing of Application Fees.

Application to Certificate Programme
Application to Certificates independently incur the invoicing of Administration Fees for each Certificate application.

Application Requirements:

Language Requirement:

Application and administration documents as well as teaching material are in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English or Japanese.The language of documents and material given to students correspond to the language of the Programme applied to. 

Medical Conditions:

Le Cordon Bleu Japan needs to be aware of any known medical condition(s), injuries, disabilities or special educational need(s) which may impede the candidate’s ability to participate in the admission procedure and take full advantage of the education provided at the Institute. 

A prospective Student who has any medical condition, injury, disability or special education needs is required to provide us with full details prior to the admission procedure, on the Application Form. Le Cordon Bleu Japan will do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of Applicants who have disabilities for which, with reasonable adjustments, we can cater adequately. 

Admission Process

  1. Apply online or by filling the Application Form and submit all required documents as mentioned in 3- Application Requirements. Pay the Admission Fees with your full name in the transaction.  Admission Fees are non-refundable
  2. Payment receipt must be sent as a proof and for the payment check by the Institute Admission team
  3. Eligibility will be checked. Only full applications will be considered for admission, please ensure to include everything
  4. The Letter Of Offer will be sent by email to eligible Applicants. The balance and the payment due date(s) can be found on the Letter Of Offer (LOO). Students must accept or decline the LOO and pay by the dates indicated
  5. The amount corresponding to the received Administration Fees will be deducted from the Fees remaining to pay
  6. The CertificateCertificate Of Enrolment (COE) will be issued upon confirmation of payment
  7. The Orientation Day Information will be sent about 2 weeks prior to the Course Start Date. The Course Start Date is the Orientation Day or the first Day of any subsequent Certificate of a Diploma Programme

For any question or inquiry, please book a private appointment or contact us:
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Mail: japanhub@cordonbleu.edu

Tel: +81-3-5489-0141
Languages: Japanese, English and Chinese.


Tuition Fee

  • Grand Diplôme® (Cuisine and Pastry)
    • Total Fees:¥5,849,600
    • Administration Fees:¥75,000
    • Tuition Fees:¥5,774,600
      • Tuition Details
      • Initiation Certificate:¥724,200
      • Basic Certificate:¥1,045,500
      • Intermediate Certificate:¥1,861,500
      • Superior (Advanced) Certificate:¥1,958,400
    • Uniform:¥60,000
    • Tool Kit :¥125,000
  • Cuisine Diploma
    • Total Fees:¥3,559,700
    • Administration Fees:¥75,000
    • Tuition Fees:¥3,484,700
      • Tuition Details
      • Basic Certificate:¥1,045,500
      • Intermediate Certificate:¥1,096,500
      • Superior Certificate:¥1,157,700
    • Uniform:¥60,000
    • Tool Kit:¥125,000
  • Pastry Diploma
    • Total Fees:¥2,549,900
    • Administration Fees:¥75,000
    • Tuition Fees:¥2,474,900
      • Tuition Details
      • Basic Certificate:¥724,200
      • Intermediate Certificate:¥765,000
      • Superior Certificate:¥800,700
    • Uniform:¥60,000
    • Tool Kit:¥125,000
  • Bakery Diploma
    • Total Fees:¥1,563,000
    • Administration Fees:¥75,000
    • Tuition Fees:¥1,488,000
      • Tuition Details
      • Basic Certificate:¥693,600
      • Advanced Certificate:¥734,400
    • Uniform:¥60,000