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Joana Campinho wins Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste scholarship

13 June 2019 - Since 2012, Le Cordon Bleu has offered a partial scholarship for Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste programme. This year, Joana Campinho is awarded the scholarship to follow this unique and prestigious programme.

The Jury was made up of Colette Padet, Director of Studies for DUGGAT (Diplôme Universitaire du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table) at Reims Champagne-Ardenne University, Catherine Baschet from Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute, Professor Roger Haden, Le Cordon Bleu Australia Academic Director, and Edwige Régnier, Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste Project Manager.

After judging the applications on both the ability of the candidates to develop their professional goal and the strength of their personal beliefs, the Jury decided to award the 2019 scholarship to Joana Campinho.

A food enthusiast

Joana Campinho is a food enthusiast. She started her career with a degree in Nutrition Sciences at Universidade do Porto. Her fascination about flavour and the whole creative process led her to a chocolate factory as researcher trainee, where she worked on innovation and development of new products and studied food pairing and flavour interactions.

She continued her professional path within the chocolate world, in another factory. In an even more industrial dimension, she took over the quality, production and innovation department, where she could improve several skills. In this experience she realized that her passion lies in the intersection where gastronomy finds science and art. With that in mind, she decided to start a gastronomical journey through a Master’s degree in Gastronomic Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. There, she found an opportunity to explore food and gastronomy from an artistic, scientific, social, cultural and historic perspective.

Apart from the relation that comes from the food itself- its composition, preparation and processing- she found herself fascinated about the senses and the way we perceive the food experience. In this multisensory approach, she developed her master's thesis studying the influence of music on the perception of taste.

When she concluded her master, she was selected for a research grant in a meat products industry, where she is currently working on project “Nutriball”, aimed to develop a new concept of meal with meat, shaped in a ball, nutritionally balanced, tasty and convenient, ideal for short window meal time-frame.

She believes that Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste programme is a unique opportunity to develop her knowledge and expand her horizons to all the possibilities that gastronomy provides.

She aspires to explore food as an expression of pleasure, culture and art. It is the reason why she believes that the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste, with its renowned professionals and scholars, will be an important asset on this journey.

She also believes that this experience will empower her to fully pursue her dream of making gastronomy the most beautiful way to discover the world.

An international programme

The Jury received numerous applications from professionals in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, The United States, India, Latvia, Malaysia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey, etc. and wishes all those who take part every success for their future career in the culinary world.

Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste programme is ideal for all those who are passionate about gastronomy and keen to consolidate their understanding of taste, and explore the numerous facets which surround the act of eating.
We have brought together leading university lecturers and researchers to furnish you with fundamental knowledge to enable you to shed surprising and insightful light on the latest scientific, historical, sociological and cultural food research.

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