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Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama Campus
~Pastry Course Graduate Stories ~

Students learn how to make authentic French cuisine, pastry and bread at the famous French culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu Japan, while living in Japan. Our graduates are now working in a variety of areas within the food industry. Here, we introduce the success stories of our Pastry Course graduates.


Creator Develops Popular Pastries with a Discerning Eye!

Poche de Rêve – Daikanyama Pastry Diploma Graduate Ms. Fukuko Ito



Fukuko Ito obtained her pastry diploma from the Daikanyama Campus and opened her own patisserie in 2009. Fukuko chose to name her patisserie, “Poche de Rêve,” or “pocket dream,” which signifies “the dreams of a female pastry chef.” In French, the word “poche” also means “piping bag.” By changing the tip of a piping bag, it’s possible to pipe a variety of shapes, so as a pastry chef, I want to create unlimited dreams, she said. Fukuko worked at a school but dreamed of becoming a pastry chef, so she began studying pastry at Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama when she was 24yrs old. 
After obtaining her diploma, Fukuko faced quite a few challenges and she was 26 before she found work. There were many days when she was troubled by the gap between “the image of her dream and reality.” “However, it’s because of those difficult times that I’m stronger as a professional pastry chef and I’m just so happy when people say, ‘thank you for opening this type of shop here’,” she said. “Each day at work, I make hundreds of pastries but when a customer buys one of my pastries, I realize that I cannot compromise because for that customer, they are buying just one pastry. As a creator, I must continue to have a discerning eye if I want to continue to create unique pastries,” Fukuko says. As she reflected on her time as a student at Le Cordon Bleu, Fukuko offered the following advice for current students, “You need learn the techniques but also have a clear image of your goals.” Fukuko offered these precious words of advice as a professional, who has learnt to overcome difficulties to please her customers.

Poche de Reve ポッシュ・ドゥ・レーヴ芦屋

Poche de Rêve
9-7-101 Kinmitsucho, Ashiya city, Hyogo




Tea Room & Pastry Class A Dream Come True! Pastry & Cuisine Skills Create “Original Scone”!

Tetbury-Scone &Tea-
Daikanyama Campus Grand Diplome Graduate – Ms. Ruriko Yoshizawa


Ruriko Yoshizawa studied pastry and cuisine at the Daikanyama campus and graduated with a Grand Diplôme. She has since opened “Tetbury Scone & Tea,” in Aoba, Yokohama, where she offers customers the chance to enjoy a cup of tea with French and English pastries and European cuisine. Ruriko studied English while she was still at school and first encountered scones when she was studying in England. It was this encounter that would shape her future. Scones take about 15 minutes to cook, and while we were waiting the owner/chef enjoyed chatting with customers. Ruriko decided that she wanted to spread this kind of culture in Japan, so she began studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Daikanyama. After obtaining her diploma, she went to Europe and studied cuisine further. She also studied pastry in France and England and did a tea workshop in Sri Lanka as well. 
By opening “Tetbury Scone & Tea,” Ruriko has realized her dream of creating a wonderfully relaxing place to enjoy a cup of tea while those scones cook for 15 minutes. Scones have a “crunchy crust and a soft center” and are filled with clotted cream and jam. Ruriko felt it was a shame to put her scone set on the board like a side menu, so she included it in the main menu. Her tearoom allows customers to enjoy a European atmosphere while still in Japan. As the fragrant smell of freshly baked scones drifts from the oven, Ruriko is holding on tight to her dream of spreading this culture throughout Japan and regularly holds scone-baking classes as well as pastry classes. We recommend dropping by for afternoon tea when you feel like being pampered.


5-2-14 Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa



Classmate Partnership with a Focus on Health and Ingredients Develops Sweets that Create a Sensation in Taiwan Food Industry

Daikanyama Campus - Intermediate Pastry Certificate 


Taiwan born Chih-Hung Chen studied pastry at the Daikanyama campus. It was during his studies at Le Cordon Bleu that he met, Ippei Hachiya, a Japanese classmate. The two became friends and together they established the confectionery brand, Moricaca in Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Chen gained experience working for a food-importing foreign affiliate in Japan and decided to study business management at university. He was preparing to start work in his chosen field of the food industry when he learned of Le Cordon Bleu. He decided to study at Le Cordon Bleu to supplement his knowledge as he lacked professional pastry making skills. 
Mr. Chen says, “It was tough to get used to working in the kitchen at first, but by the time I finished intermediate I was working faster and achieving better results. I will never forget how the expression on the chef’s face gradually changed from being quite stern to a great big smile.” Moricaca started in Taichung and after 6 months
opened a store in one of Taipei’s popular department stores, which has been praised as a splendid effort by those in the industry. If you travel to Taiwan, it’s worth stopping by Moricaca to check out the sweets developed by Le Cordon Bleu classmates!

moricaca モリカカ/森果香

■Taichung Sogo Department Store – 349 Gongyi Rd, Xi District Taichung City, Taiwan 403
■Pacific Sogo Department Store, No.45, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City.



A Chocolate Shop that uses Chocolate Strips as a Canvas to Send Messages!


Daikanyama Pastry Diploma – Risako Takahashi


In December 2013, Risako Takahashi (née Ohno), who studied pastry at Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama, opened a small workshop and boutique in Musashi Koganei, Tokyo. While working as the manager of the chocolate shop “Le Chocolat de H” in Roppongi, Risako teamed up with a friend to open her own place. “The concept of Chocofunny is to give form to those every day feelings we have.” Chocofunny offers an order made service, whereby customers can express their feelings in gift form on a thin 5mm chocolate strip with a personalized message written on it. Risako carefully creates each chocolate strip with organic French chocolate, of which there are not so many types. “I want people to feel happy when they receive this sweet, one of a kind gift,” says Risako. The small atelier also offers freshly baked pastries and cream puffs, which local primary school children often buy as snacks. The cream puffs, which are filled at the time they are ordered, are very popular and sell out quite quickly. Also, Japanese specialty ingredients such as “Sancho” (Japanese pricklyash), “houjicha” (roasted green tea), and traditionally made “shio” (salt) are also very popular ingredients used to make the chocolate strips. It seems news of Chocofunny has spread via word of mouth from the frequent pint-sized customers, whose mothers are now placing more and more orders. The shop is now cheerfully decorated with various items that have been created based on customer requests as well as those created for sweets projects in Koganei. It’s lovely surprise to receive a gift with a tailor-made message for Mother’s Day or as a wedding gift, isn’t it!

Tortelicious Cake Salon

5-31-5 Honcho, Koganei city, Tokyo 〒184-0004



Pastry Class Opens in Motomachi, Yokohama!

Tortelicious Cake Salon
- Daikanyama Campus Pastry Diploma Graduate Miho Weidinger


Miho Weidinger, who obtained her Pastry Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama Campus, has opened a small pastry class called “Tortelicious Cake Salon” at her home in Motomachi, Yokohama. After university, Miho worked for a travel agency and a foreign investment law firm, but had the opportunity to move overseas
when she got married. She began baking as a hobby while she raised her children, but started to seriously study pastry upon her return to Japan. When Miho started studying at Le Cordon Bleu, she decided that she would start a pastry class once she graduated. She graduated last year and then started her pastry class in February this year. Miho writes a blog about her class and other things and has already noticed that her world has changed quite spectacularly even though she only just started. “Even a cake salon at home is a business and I did not realize how hard it would be to do everything by myself! But I will do my best! It’s these kinds of comments from Miho that bring a smile to the faces of the Chefs and staff at Le Cordon Bleu. The word “Tortelicious” was created by Miho and is a combination of the German word “Torte,” which means cake, and the English word “Delicious.” My goal is to make people happy by teaching them how to make delicious sweets, but I’ve found that blogging has already created many happy connections.

Tortelicious Cake Salon

Tortelicious Cake Salon



French Café & Restaurant Attracts Attention as it Connects Customers to the Stage!

Le Café de Pomme
-- Daikanyama/Yokohama Campus Cuisine Diploma, Intermediate Pastry and Basic Bakery Graduate – Ms. Masako Matsuzaki


Masako Matsuzaki obtained her cuisine diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Yokohama and Daikanyama, and she also studied pastry and bakery at Le Cordon Bleu before opening her own French café and restaurant, Le Café de Pomme, in Funabashi, Chiba. Masako’s restaurant has attracted attention as it offers an array of events including: a dinner course that allows customers to enjoy the blend of a classical music concert with their meal or listen to a piano performance during café time. Masako takes great care with the cuisine, pastry and bread that she makes and says that the idea behind her "POMME'S Suggested Slow Food" event was to give people ample time to enjoy their food. Apart from such concerts, she also cares about producers and holds “Pomme’s Morning Market” to promote farmers’ produce. She then takes produce from the morning market and creates a breakfast menu called, “Pomme’s Breakfast” every Saturday. Masako’s multi-coloured planning ability is evident when you look at the daily or monthly menu she provides. As a chef, she puts 100% of her heart into everything she does, which is something she learned at Le Cordon Bleu. Why not see for yourself? Perhaps like others, who just popped in to check it out, you too will become a regular!

Le Café de Pomme

Le Café de Pomme
3-9-1 Miyamoto, Funabashi City, Chiba 〒273-0003



Retreat Hotel for Adults Opens at the Foot of Yatsugatake Mountain!! Accepts Just 3 Couples a Day!

Hütte Emile
-- Basic & Intermediate Pastry Certificate Daikanyama Campus, Superior Pastry Certificate (Diploma) Paris Campus 
Ms.Naomi Oneyama


Naomi Oneyama, who studied pastry at both Daikanyama and Paris campuses, opened an elegant hotel in Kobuchisawa at the foot of Yatsugatake Mountain. The hotel accepts just 3 couples per day and is a relaxed pension style retreat hotel that caters solely for adults. The hotel is surrounded by nature and the atmosphere changes with each of the four seasons; vegetables on the menu are carefully selected from local produce; and everything from the food to the décor has been carefully thought about. Hütte Emile has been gaining popularity as its reputation spreads via word of mouth. Why not take a break and get far away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Reserve early, as rooms are limited!


Hütte Emile
〒409-1501 Ōizumichō Nishiide, Hokuto city, Yamanashi