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              Grand Diplôme®


              An intensive and comprehensive programme in classic French culinary techniques, combining our Pastry Diploma and Cuisine Diploma, the Grand Diplôme is considered the passport to a world of career opportunities

              Combining classical training in both Cuisine and Pastry, students are first taught basic culinary skills before applying this knowledge to high quality produce and specialist ingredients. This highly prestigious Diploma is awarded after successful completion of both the Cuisine Diploma and the Pastry Diploma studied over a period starting from 9 months.



              • Marie Inoue_Cuisine
                Le Cordon Bleu Japan attracts students from everywhere. It allowed me to interact with people from different nationalities and expanded how I think about cuisine. I was born in the United States, but my mother is French–American and my father is Japanese. Having a tri-cultural background, I believe I really impart that into my cooking. After meeting so many different people at school, my view on cuisine is now so much broader.
                Mari Inoue – Japan, Grand Diplome & Bakery Diploma, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2014 &2015
              • mathiew Gana GD
                I applied to Le Cordon Bleu Japan to pick up the skills necessary to make it as a professional chef. The shared goal of my family and myself is to eventually inherit, operate, and expand the operations of our family restaurant business. Everything I learned at the school, I can apply to the business; they are skills that high level professionals employ.
                Matthew Ma. Leandro Gana – Philippines, Grand Diplome, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2015
              • Karina Hirai_GD_2014
                My dream came true when I opened my own food startup ProntoChef in Brazil, a weekly dinner kit delivery service where clients receive recipes and all ingredients measured and ready for cooking at home.
                Karina Hirai, Brazil, Grand Diplome, 2014