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Le Cordon Bleu short course ingredients

 Cuisine Chefs

Guillaume SIEGLER Guillaume Siegler
Le Cordon Bleu Japan Executive Chef & Cuisine Technical Director

Chef Guillaume Siegler is from the Loire Valley in France. He has extensive experience working in 1 star Michelin restaurants such as 'Le Violon d'Ingres', 'Le Carre des Feuillants', 'Le Georges', and the fabulous bistro 'Le Petit Rétro' in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. Guillaume later worked as Executive Chef in the bistro 'Le Preverre' in Paris' Latin Quarter. In Tokyo, he was Executive Chef and Managing Director at 'Le Pre Verre' before joining Le Cordon Bleu. He was appointed as Technical Director of Cuisine for the Tokyo campus in 2013 and in 2014 became Executive Chef and Cuisine Technical Director of Le Cordon Bleu Japan.
Katsutoshi YOKOYAMA Katsutoshi Yokoyama
Cuisine Chef

After his graduation from a culinary school in Japan, Chef Katsutoshi Yokoyama worked at several French restaurants and hotels in Tokyo before moving to France to gain further experience. Chef Yokoyama worked at several Michelin starred restaurants in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg including 'Troigros' in France. Upon his return to Tokyo, he worked as Head Chef in a French restaurant in Tokyo before joining Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo in 2006. Classic French cuisine is his strength and he has a reputation for being passionate about his work and is inquisitive by nature. He uses those qualities to share his knowledge with students and demonstrate techniques that are not written in the recipes.
Kazuki OGATA Kazuki Ogata
Cuisine Chef

Chef Kazuki Ogata studied French cuisine at a culinary school in Japan before moving to France to further his studies. After gaining experience in France, Ogata Chef returned to Tokyo, where he worked at L'Osier in Ginza. He then decided to go back to France to work at Le Bristol Paris—a 5 star luxury hotel, which is well known for its excellent French cuisine even amongst other luxury hotels. He then worked at Chez Les Anges in Paris, a restaurant where the popular head chef is Japanese. When Ogata chef finally moved back to Japan he worked at Aimee Vibert in Kojimachi before joining Le Cordon Bleu in 2013 as chef for our La Boutique café. In April 2014, he was promoted to Cuisine Chef. He is well known for his love of orthodox French cuisine and has a reputation for expanding basic techniques of regional and traditional cuisine.