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Le Grand Diplôme®
Advance your culinary education

Le Grand Diplôme® Program, the core of Le Cordon Bleu's curriculum, is considered to be the most intensive and comprehensive training in classic French cuisine and pastry techniques available today.

Grand Diplôme® Le Cordon Bleu combines the Diplôme de Cuisine and the Diplôme de Pâtisserie. The Grand Diplôme® is the core of Le Cordon Bleu curriculum, is the most rigorous and comprehensive program in classic French cuisine and pastry techniques available today. No other institution offers as many practical courses.

Each course provides students with the skills they need to apply French culinary techniques to any cuisine and develop creativity of individuals and artistic expression. The students of Cuisine course progress from the initiate level to the basic level, the intermediate and superior levels, the students of pâtisserie course progress from the basic level to the intermediate and superior levels. They acquire the French cuisine and pastry techniques that can be used in the majority of cuisines of the world.

Le Cordon Bleu teaching methodology combines demonstrations followed by hands-on practical classes. Demonstrations classes are held in specially equipped amphitheatres, allowing the students to observe the Chef's techniques in detail. During the cuisine demonstrations, the Chef prepares several recipes. Traditional French pastries, as well as restaurants desserts, are presented during pastry demonstrations. The students are required to take detailed notes throughout, to record the Chef's explanations and to make your own observations. Demonstrations also include a tasting, which enables you to develop your palate, an indispensable part of culinary training.



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