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What Will I Learn?
Recipes have long been treasured family heirlooms passed from one generation to the next or created
by passionate food historians looking to share their bounty with others. Around the world, recipes 
are the cornerstone of authentic and local cuisines and how people share new and innovative 
ways to consume food.
  This course is designed to identify and understand the different styles of cookbooks, from historical times through the golden age of television and celebrity chefs. Learn how different tones and styles impact your audience. Take an in-depth look at the mechanics of writing and testing recipes. What makes one recipe successful and another fail? Writing and Publishing Recipes will help you find the best form of publication that suits your recipe audience for you to publish your own recipes.    

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Course Structure

Identify your style, format and tone of voice for your recipe collection or cookbook. Write recipes and test them for the publication of your choice.    

Weekly topics include:
You may have a pile of treasured family recipes tucked in the bottom drawer and want to publish them for posterity, you may be a food and wine marketer, blogger, café or restaurant owner, this course is for you.

Course Introduction


  • Deepali Deshoande
    Carli Ratcliff was absolutely amazing. We learnt not just the basics of recipe writing but also everything else that goes along with it: the tone of voice, how to form a relationship with our reader, and most importantly, how to write for our readers. Carli personally takes notes of each student and guides them in their projects. I have gone from learning to write and publish recipes in May 2021 to being published in July 2021. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.
    Deepali Deshpande, United Kingdom
  • Annie Conley
    I found ‘Writing and Publishing Recipes’ with Carli Ratcliff one of those courses I wish I had discovered years ago. I revelled in discussing styles of recipe writing and the tone of voice behind the recipes, be it the straight laced informative food writer to the congenial wit of Alison Roman. This course was the perfect platform to further my food writing career. I thoroughly recommend it.
    Annie Conley, Australia

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