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Message from Le Cordon Bleu's Head of Discipline (Gastronomy)

Welcome to Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning!

I've been involved with Gastronomy, first as a chef, then as an academic, all my working life and have taught Gastronomy with Le Cordon Bleu since 2004, where I continue today helping to develop new programmes - including this one - that afford fantastic opportunities for those wanting to pursue dynamic careers either in the hospitality industry or beyond. Whatever the case may be, I want to tell you that Gastronomy is in fact the discipline where core hospitality values and entrepreneurial management belong. What restaurant, or indeed business, operates successfully without hospitality? Gastronomy arguably adds excitement, artfulness, originality, creativity and immense satisfaction to the bare bones of business, management and hospitality.

In view of this, doing justice to Le Cordon Bleu's proven record of leadership in the Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management and Gastronomy is a challenging task. A recent product of Le Cordon Bleu's forward thinking and resolve to push the boundaries of what 'gastronomy' and 'management' can offer, Le Cordon Bleu Professional Learning is more than a programme for upskilling or improving knowledge and skills. It is a lens for viewing the world, and humanity within it, providing rich insights into current practice and industry standards, innovation and creative solutions. And, as I suggested, while Gastronomy provides understanding of subjects like culinary arts, dining styles and trends, high end restaurants and food and wine matching, it also allows participants to explore the here and now of public and private life (food choices and how they are made), professional and creative arts (interior design, menu engineering), politics (veganism, organics, food waste) and environmental issues (food waste, food miles), culture, customs, history, agriculture; and yes, business and hospitality too.

I hope you enjoy being involved and best wishes with all your studies,

Dr Roger Haden