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Fermentation has been gaining significant popularity as the importance of gut health in western cultures has come to light. Fermentation means conserving and preserving, and this is a skill that we can all master and include in our diets. The Art of Fermentation explores the historical connection and context of fermentation and how this relates to today. From sourdough and cheese to vegetables and grains, you will delve into the infinite possibilities of fermentation processes, uses and nutrition.  
This introductory course is for non-food professionals interested in food tradition and the health benefits of fermented foods. Learn to follow, practice and develop ferments with confidence, for your own use at home or in a professional capacity.

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Course Structure

This course aims to provide learners with the skills and techniques to practice fermentation daily. 

Weekly topics include:
Chefs looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise, restaurant/café owners wanting to diversify their menus, and entrepreneurs/artisans looking for new opportunities will also benefit from this course.

Course Introduction


  • Margarita Crujo
    My interest on this course was directed towards a specific topic (grain fermentation). I could never imagine how fascinated I would feel going through the other topics too! Fermentation can be an art, but also a way of living, and it's a pleasure to introduce it in my daily life. Thank you so much to Rosie, who contaminated me with her knowledge and sensitivity to the fermentation world.
    Margarida Crujo, Germany
  • testimonial-guy
    The art of fermentation was a very special and well developed course. The teacher Rosie is extremely knowledgeable of the topic and always there to help and support us. Le Cordon Bleu has set a high standard for the online courses. We need more!
    Antony Papazoglou, Greece

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