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There is a rising trend that people are proportionately choosing more foods from plant sources. The way we look at meat is changing and the consumer demand for plant-based products and recipe books is steadily increasing. Plant-Based Diets: Nutrition & Wellness delves into the science and culture of plant-based eating, what has caused its popularity and the evidence that supports it. 
Discover the secret life of edible plants and the ethics that support plant-based popularity, whilst developing a thorough understanding of the wellness and healing benefits of ingredients. Learners will be able to introduce plant-based eating for themselves, for clients, or for their specific purpose in industry.

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Course Structure

This course aims to provide learners with a thorough understanding of the wellness and healing benefits of plant-based diets.

Weekly topics include:
People wanting to explore the merits of a plant-based diets and innovations in the plant-based food industry and those wanting to introduce plant-based nutrition into their diets will benefit from this course.

Course Introduction


  • testimonial-gir;
    This was my first taste of adult online learning and working professionally concurrently. The curriculum was well suited to my educational and career development needs. The materials were modern, current, objective and concise, all delivered by a very well educated facilitator. It took me only one week to adjust and was able to commit the entire course whilst running my own business. Thank you Cordon Bleu.
    Susan Soulard, Singapore
  • testimonial-gir;
    After researching, I enrolled in this course as I hoped it would help me reduce food waste and choose the correct food for my family. I was not disappointed. This is a great course to understand the impact of plant-based food and how to eat consciously. Additionally I enjoyed our live session and discussion forum, and bouncing ideas and learning with my peers. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Sam!
    Kuo-Fang Yang-O'Connor, United Kingdom

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