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What Will I Learn?
To communicate the deep roots of soba and udon arts in Japanese culture.  We will explore the vocabulary pertaining to soba and udon and its relation to martial arts and how this is engrained in Japanese culture. 
The complete understanding of what is a high-grade soba/udon is a learning process as well as a cultural journey. 

There will be a practical aspect for the learner to enjoy the process of making soba and udon at home, from a master in the trade,  and enjoy the recipes as created by Le Cordon Bleu Japan Executive Chef.

Personalise your study experience by interacting with your instructor and fellow participants. See above for the next delivery date for the premium option.  

Course Structure
This course aims to provide learners with the skills and techniques to create Japanese soba and udon, understanding the cultural importance and recipes to share.

Weekly topics include:
This course could appeal to:  
People interested in Japanese cuisine and culture. People who enjoy Japanese cuisine and those that want to make it at home. Chefs/cooks looking to upskill and learn the art of Japanese noodles.

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