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What is entrepreneurship? For food entrepreneurs who want to better themselves, this course is for you! Entrepreneurship in Food Business will help you understand not only the nature of food entrepreneurship and who food entrepreneurs are, but also prepare you to take advantage of an opportunity. Explore how entrepreneurs influence and alter the market dynamics of the world we live in.  Analyse a range of businesses from new food venture start-ups to corporate entrepreneurship, through to social enterprise that facilitates independence for minority communities.
            This course aims to develop those who wish to be more effective in their role as a social, economic and technological change agent. It is designed for those who wish to understand, support, finance or facilitate the creation and growth of new food ventures built upon innovative ideas which significantly change the status quo.

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Course Structure

This course aims to understand how entrepreneurs influence and alter the market dynamics of the world we live in and prepare you to take advantage of an opportunity. 

Weekly topics include:
If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start your own food-related business this course is for you.
Meet Your Instructor- Chelsea van Hooven

With a decade of experience in startup and tech industry, our lecturer, Chelsea Van Hooven, is here to share her insights and passion for the field of entrepreneurship. Her journey has been one of dedicated commitment to building and scaling food companies, all while embracing a creative and innovative mindset. She has played an impactful part in the journey of the Choco app, contributing to its transformation from a startup to a unicorn in the tech world. Her expertise extends to her consultancy work, where she has worked with companies such as Redefine Meat and Bettaf!sh.

In these roles, she has been involved in guiding market entry, strategy development, marketing initiatives, and operational excellence. Her dedication to nurturing emerging food startups is evident in her strategic guidance for brand development, market expansion, and overall planning. Beyond her consultancy work, her passion for culinary education finds expression in her role as a lecturer at the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo, Italy. There, she imparts her knowledge and insights to students through courses centered around Entrepreneurship, Market Entry, and Research and Product Development in the vibrant realm of food.


  • Tehmina-Saad
    Going through the course opened my eyes to all that was required to be an entrepreneur. The knowledge and support from the instructor is amazing, and comforting, always there to answer questions and guidance. The course also assisted me through all the necessary steps and helped me achieve my dream of starting a small food business.
    Tehmina Saad, Pakistan
  • Female Icon for testimonials
    This course provided me with the building blocks I need to start my journey in food entrepreneurship. It helped me organise my ideas and identify objectives for my future venture. I know now where to begin and what I need to do to establish my business. I now know where my weaknesses lie so I am able to work on them and become a stronger, and hopefully successful, entrepreneur.
    Rotalia Fadul, Saudi Arabia

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