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  Have you ever wondered about the difference between curds and whey? Welcome to an in-depth introduction into cheese and cheesemaking where we explore the history, microbiology and types of cheeses found worldwide. This course offers a practical and hands-on experience into the world of cheese, with particular focus given to cheesemaking recipes, cooking with cheese and caring for cheese. 
Learn to make and understand cheese from around the world, develop sensory skills to taste and analyse cheese, and learn how to pair cheese and create seasonal cheese boards. 
Cheesemaking is for everyone! 

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Course Structure

Follow cheesemaking recipes to cook and care for cheese with confidence, for your own use at home or in a professional capacity.

Weekly topics include:
Whether you are a non-food professional interested in making your own cheese, a chef looking to enhance your expertise, a café owner wanting to diversify your menu, or an entrepreneur looking for new opportunities, you will benefit from this course.

Course Introduction

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