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The Challenges and Solutions in the Global Food  System is a course that introduces participants to the realities, myths and challenges faced head-on in our food supply chain. We discover probable causes and possible solutions to waste, over and under supply, and dependence on plastics, but get ready to explore provocative arguments, debunk accepted norms and take gastronomic thinking through its paces - past, present and future. 

With a focus on the logistical and operational aspects of the global food chain, this course explores key causes and consequences related to outcomes at all levels. The global significance – environmental, social, economic – of where food is from, how it is produced (processed, pack-aged and distributed), sold, and consumed, is presented as a series of challenges to long-held perceptions of ‘good food / bad food’ within a ‘future of food’ context.

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Course Structure

This course aims to introduce learners to the challenges in the food supply chain and challenge their thoughts on possible causes and solutions.  

Weekly topics include:
Chefs looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise, restaurant/café owners wanting to diversify their menus, and entrepreneurs/artisans looking for new opportunities will also benefit from this course.

Course Introduction

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